Huawei would prepare a Kirin 1020 50% faster than the Kirin 990 of the Mate 30 Pro!

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Huawei is currently working on the Kirin 1020 and 820 SoCs despite U.S. sanctions. Several months before the release of the two chips, a famous leaker has also revealed the first information  about them. 

Despite the restrictions of the Trump government , Huawei continues to develop the components that will equip its next generations of smartphones. According to the latest tweets from the Chinese leaker Teme, the design of the Kirin 1020 and Kirin 820 SoCs is indeed on the right track at HiSilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei.

Huawei is preparing new ARM SoCs

Unsurprisingly, the Kirin 1020 is intended to replace the Kirin 990, the chip that equips the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro . Engraved in 5nm and equipped with an integrated 5G modem (probably the Baloong 5000), the SoC should offer a performance increase of 50%. The chip is based on the ARM Cortex-A77 architecture. Faster and less energy-consuming than the Cortex-A76, this CPU core is especially dedicated to artificial intelligence, spearhead of Huawei since 2017.

According to Teme, the Kirin 1020 SoC will not be integrated into P40 and P40 Pro , Huawei’s next flagships, expected in March 2020. True to form, Huawei should present this new high-end SoC around September 2020. The chip would make its debut on the Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro.

HiSilicon is also working on the SoC Kirin 820, a chip intended to replace the Kirin 810. The SoC is not surprisingly reserved for mid-range smartphones. According to Teme, the SoC will appear on the Huawei Nova 7 or 10X at the end of the year.

To design its new SoCs, Huawei therefore continues to rely on the architectures of the ARM holding company . After examining its products, the firm believes that the American sanctions do not apply to its partnership with Huawei. For the moment, the Chinese manufacturer is therefore free to design new Kirin chips without hindrance. We will tell you more as soon as possible.

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