Intel Introduces NUC Ghost Canyon, the Fully Customizable Mini-PC

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Intel presents the NUC Ghost Canyon, a scalable and fully customizable mini-PC. In fact, the user can replace almost all of the components as desired, from the graphics card to the motherboard or RAM. The device surprises even more by its compact dimensions and its design, looking like a game console. 

Back in 2018. Intel surprises the audience of CES 2018 with its first mini-PC dedicated to gaming: the NUC Hades Canyon . A compact racing beast, ready for virtual reality, which included a Core i7-8705 G and an AMD Radeon VEGA M GL GPU. Two years have passed since then, and the manufacturer returns to CES 2020 with the worthy successor of the Hades Canyon: the NUC Ghost Canyon.

This time, Intel resumes and improves the formula. The idea? Offer an efficient and fully customizable mini-PC . The user can, if he wishes, modify all of the components as he pleases: graphics card, motherboard, processor, storage space, RAM, sound card, ports and connectors. All this can be done with a few turns of the screwdriver.

To achieve this tour de force, the company integrates into its NUC another of its recent creations: The Element , a computer module which has a processor, RAM and internal storage, and which can be inserted and removed easily from the case (in case of modifications to be made). The entire NUC is constructed in this way, via displaceable rectangular cartridges which accommodate the various components. Thanks to this configuration, the NUC Ghost Canyon is only 5 liters in volume, barely more impressive than an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro.

Pimp my mini-PC

According to Intel, only the graphics card will have a reserved slot. A rather imposing location besides to install the most recent and imposing graphics cards. In terms of processors, Intel ensures that the NUC Ghost Canyon will be able to support the Intel Core i9 H-series SoCs, these chips that are generally found on high-end gaming laptops.

The NUC Ghost Canyon will be available in several ranges from the Core i5 to the Core i9. According to the company, Intel partners may offer for sale NUC assembled by them. Intel wants to make this modular concept (notably thanks to The Element) a reference in the mini-PC, or even to establish itself as an excellent alternative to home consoles.

No price and release date for the time for this NUC Ghost Canyon, we bet that Intel communicates quickly on this innovative product, which could well meet with success, in particular thanks to this modular and scalable formula, resolutely economical for users .

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