Samsung tackles Apple and presents its first augmented reality glasses

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Samsung introduced its first augmented reality glasses. More than a real presentation, it is more of a demonstration of the potential capabilities of the device. As a demo, a fitness class that is reminiscent of Nintendo conferences dedicated to Wii Fit. In any case, we can not help but see in this presentation a slight tackle to Apple.

It’s no secret that Apple has had a keen interest in augmented reality for several years now. Its Apple Glass is still waiting. This is why the Cupertino company signed a partnership with Valve in November 2019 to accelerate their development . The company that owns Steam has solid experience in virtual reality, especially since the launch of the Steam VR platform and its VR headset, the Valve Index.

And like a snub, Samsung decided to present its first prototype AR glasses at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. No name, price or release date, but a simple demonstration on stage to reveal their potential. To do this, the manufacturer offered to the audience to attend a course in augmented reality fitness.

Exoskeleton, AR glasses and fitness classes

Just to kill two birds with one stone, the company took advantage of this somewhat special sports session to highlight the GEMS ( Gait Enhancing and Motivating System),  an exoskeleton that was used here to analyze the movements of the sportswoman. on the scene. A virtual coach projected on a screen behind her then commented on her performance, rewarding her with a ”  Good” or “Keep your balance” on occasion.

At the end of this session which was not without recalling the legendary presentations of Nintendo with Wii Fit, the sportsman announced without warning: ”  And now, I put on my augmented reality glasses” . Once the glasses are activated, the virtual coach materializes in augmented reality. A few hand movements are enough to select a training program and off you go for a new session, this time assisted by the virtual AR coach, who was also able to answer simple questions as detailed in our colleagues from the Tom’s guide site.

No technical details were given, but the Samsung employee did indeed connect a cable emanating from the torso of the GEMS to the AR glasses, which suggests that the glasses must be connected to a device (or in any case an energy source) to operate. Even if this demo remained basic, Samsung did send the message to its competitors: “we too are going to make augmented reality”. And maybe sooner than you think. For its part, Apple plans to use a holographic display technique for its Apple Glass , a completely new approach.

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